How to Develop a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media

The new world of marketing is becoming increasingly visual. It is no surprise that the newest and fast-growing social channels such as Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram are all focused on visuals, with towing service benefiting so much from the power of visuals in advertising. There is a need for marketers to adapt to and leverage an increasingly visual social atmosphere.

Visual Social Branding

Visual social branding refers to what your social media content looks like – including your profile picture, your cover photo, among others, as used mostly on your social posts. Great visuals on social media are very important because the human brain is wired to read and understand images better and faster than words. Visual content is also very important in increasing social engagements.

If you are looking forward to achieving success on your social media, here are some important ingredients to include;

Consistent color palette

If you can look at the colors of any well-known brand, you will realize they use the same color all the time. These colors are prevalent in their logo, in their text, and even in their images. You need to choose two or four colors that you can use consistently on all your social media posts and marketing. Using such colors all the time will make consumers more familiar with your brand.

Font Pairings

Just like your color palette, you just ensure the choices on your font are a reflection of the personality of your brand. You can decide if to choose a strong font or a simple one. It can be cute and elegant. Consider choosing three fonts for your brand and using them consistently throughout all your materials. Your title/heading font should be the largest in your design. In case you want to use a script or a handwritten font, your heading is the place to do it.

Appropriate Images

A strong brand is characterized by appropriate imagery and filters. You can use design platforms such as Canva to get great stock photography where there is a library of millions of images to choose from. If you have to take your pictures, ensure them is quite consistent. Additionally, add consistency to your graphics as consistency is key to getting people used to your brand.

Social media templates

You need to have some saved social media templates to speed up the design process. With a template, you will ensure elements such as logos are positioned in the same way each time. You need to come up with a style guide to ensure all elements of your brand work in harmony all the time. Make use of templates as they present an efficient way to create social media layouts.

When you are ready to put your skills to work, be guided by simplicity and consistency. Images, colors, fonts, and layouts are all elements of graphic design that will play a key role in making your brand image stand out. Note that up to 90 percent of information is transmitted to the brain as visual and this calls for the need to come up with great designs.

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Understanding Market Penetration and How to Create a Strategy

As every business owner the number one goal and they will all tell you they want to grow their businesses. This seems rather obvious considering effective and successful growth of any towing services or other businesses means you must experience a boost in revenue, brand loyalty and brand awareness. However, there is more to that. Highly successful companies do more to ensure they put themselves in a position for strong and consistent growth and this happens through understanding their market and coming up with strategies to penetrate their market.

Market Penetration

Market penetration refers to the amount a product or service that is sold to consumers compared to the estimated total market for that product or service. This measurement is used to determine the potential market size and can aid in developing a strategy for increasing the market share for specific products or services.

To calculate market penetration, use the formula;

(Number of Customers/Target Market Size) x100 = Market Penetration Rate

It is important to frequently monitor market penetration so as to identify any increases or decreases in penetration. A good rule of the thumb in calculating market penetration is after every marketing or sale campaign that you run.

Market Penetration Strategy

A market penetration strategy comes up when a company works towards a higher market share through tapping into its existing products in existing markets. It entails to how a company, already existing in a market with a product, can grow business by increasing sales among the people already in the market.

There are different market penetration strategies employed by companies in their efforts to push their agenda. Some of the most used penetration strategies include;

– Changing pricing

– Revamping your marketing

– Identifying the need for a new product and launch it

– Changing or updating product features

– Growing business in new territories and offering for franchise opportunities

– Identify a business partner to work with

– Purchase a small business or competitor in your industry

– Offer a promotional program to boost loyalty

– Develop a new marketing campaign

When it comes to market penetration, you want to have a very high penetration rate. There are many benefits of having a high penetration rate. Think of a company such as Nike – the company is a market leader when it comes to athletic shoes. What makes Nike have such a huge command of the market? It is because of their quality and pricing? Quality yes, but pricing may not be the case.

With Nike having a high market penetration, it means it’s an industry leader, sells products or services that are already established within the industry. It is a widely recognized brand and has a good visibility in the market. This makes it have a very strong brand equity.

There is also a key difference between market development and market penetration. Market development is a necessary strategy or action when you are trying to increase market share and penetration. It requires to have a clear set of steps that boost the number of potential customers interested in your business.

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What You Need to Know About Customer Relations

One of the hardest challenges a company can overcome is developing an amazing product. However, it is not only the factor that determines the success of a business. Today, consumers have the most influence on who to do business with, depending on how such businesses treat them. Customers looking for towing services in Raleigh are not only interested in what businesses are selling, but also how they are selling as well as what happens after a sale has been completed.

This shift has placed a lot of pressure on companies to invest in quality customer service so as to meet rising customer demands. Today’s consumers have a higher expectation for customer service. Businesses are now faced with the challenge of offering an excellent customer experience that is consistent across all customer interactions. Businesses are now focused on managing customer relations and building customer loyalty.

What is Customer Relations

Customer relations refers to all the ways a company engages with its customers in order to improve customer experience. It involves providing answers to short term customer issues as well as having a proactive long term strategy to address matters geared towards customer success. The main aim of customer relations is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with customers that extends beyond the initial purchase.

Customer relations has many benefits including the following;

Customer retention

Companies that go to a great extent of managing customer relations have a better chance to see a higher customer retention rate. 61 percent of customers stop buying from a company that has a poor customer experience. Customers can tell when your business is being genuine and will be willing to overlook your mistakes as long as you demonstrate your dedication to their success. It is a type of transparency that is essential in reducing churn and building positive customer experience.

Customer Loyalty

If you have a good history with your customers, it becomes more difficult for your competitors to lure customers from your business. Customer loyalty is very important in business as repeat customers tend to buy more because they already have a relationship with your business. Having a positive customer relation will drive more customer loyalty which is beneficial for your business. Customers are more than willing to buy a more expensive product or service if they are guaranteed of good experience.

Customer Satisfaction

In most cases, it is difficult to tell if a customer is truly happy doing business with you or not. Stats show that 90 percent of unhappy customers will not complain but will simply not return to a company after purchase. Having strong customer relations will act as an insurance policy to prevent all the unidentified customers from churning from your business without warning. With a positive customer relationship, businesses get to know more insights about the problems experienced by their customers and create an open channel of communication to relay customer feedback.

To build positive customer relations, invest in employee training, create a more fulfilling workplace for your customer service reps, improve on first call resolution rate, and leverage the use of technology to increased efficiency.

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Best Ways to Stay Ahead of Competition

If you want to dominate your market and stay ahead of the competition, you must be willing to do a lot more than what others are doing. You might be in a very competitive market such as towing service niche dormoinated by the likes of Alexandria Tow Truck, and still be a monopoly, depending on the type of services you offer, your pricing, and how you treat your customers. You need to give your customers a good reason to come to you rather than going to your competitors.

With the rise of the internet and social media. competition has been on the increase across different industries. Customers are now faced with different options and if businesses don’t keep up with the demands of customers, they will be put out of business. Additionally, the dynamic nature of today’s global economy makes businesses to be very vulnerable.

Here are a couple of ways you can use to establish a productive marketing strategy to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors

The first step towards staying ahead of your competitors is by knowing where they stand. Perform a thorough analysis of your competitors by studying their products and services, their content marketing strategies, social media strategies, and their overall marketing strategy. You will only be able to offer something more than what your competitors are offering if you have a clear idea of everything they do.

Understand consumer needs

You need to have a clear understanding of what your customers need. In this digital era, demands from customers keep on changing and you must keep tabs with the same. A few months ago, customers might have been looking for the cheapest products, while a time like now, they might be looking for the latest arrivals. You also need to keep ahead with consumer trends. Consumers love brands that keep up on the latest trends.

Target new customers

When you retain your customers, you keep a loyal customer base. However, if you want to grow your business, you must do everything possible to attract new customers. With this new digital era, you might wake up and find a large percentage of your customers are shopping elsewhere. On the sad news, there will be no guarantee either that they will be coming back. This calls for the need to find new customers with the use of customer acquisition strategies.

Build a responsive customer support

You need to build outstanding customer support that will help min retaining existing customers and at the same time attracting new ones. Satisfied customers will be very much willing to spread the word out there on the superior services they get from your business. You need to have pre-sales support to acquire new customers and post-purchase customer care to build long term relationships. Everyone wants everything so quickly and they are willing to pay anything to have what they need to be delivered instantly. Customers want their time to be valued and that is why they yearn for excellent customer service.

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Top Problems Self Driving Cars Need to Overcome

self drivingSelf-driving cars represent the future of highways, but the main question we have to ask ourselves is whether the technology present can sustain safety and reliability expected in transport sector. Every Time while working at Fredericksburg Roofing, I have to take time off work and read more about technologies, sensors and algorithms associated with self-driving, as it is a subject I have gained a considerable interest in.

Most of the tests of self-driving cars take place in the cities, in places where 3D mapping of lanes, streets and signs have taken a center stage. Despite some level of success in testing self-driving cars across the cities, there are still some notable challenges that must be addressed. Here are the top problems self-driving cars need to overcome, to go mainstream.


Eye Contact

Anyone who has spent time in major cities knows how close cars come into pedestrians. Cars are able to appropriately maneuver between these streets and lanes, with drivers making quick reliable close calls. The biggest problem is to determine if algorithms and sensors can come close to make instant adjustments, same as one made by humans.

Another issue that self-driving cars must address lies on animal detection. Most systems developed use ground as the reference point when dealing with animals, because most animals stay on the ground. However, animals such as Kangaroo that hop right off the ground tend to pose a major challenge to self-driving systems.


Judgement Calls

Sometimes, drivers have to make instant decisions, depending with obstacles they are faced with on the road. It may be pretty easy to program a car to make emergency stop wherever it detects an object in the middle of the road, however, it is not always practical, based on the fact that it can be hit from behind. Automobiles have to make the ultimate decision between choosing to swerve and hitting a child, versus reacting to situations whereby the object under question is just a box.



Something as simple as snow can make things to be very much complicated for driver-less cars. If you have spent time in a place occupied by snow, you can tell how easy it can be for snow to quickly fill up the road. Lane dividers disappear even at the thinnest coat of snow. This can be particularly true when you consider the fact that self-driving cars use camera to track the lines on the pavements. Self-driving cars need to come with a solution that addresses the issue of snow.

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Modern Car Safety Features You Need to Know

safetyVirtually, every new car sold in the market today is expected to deliver high standards of safety performance. Today’s new cars come with a huge array of safety technology features as standard. The newest ones are rarely prone to break down within the first few years from the date they hit the road. If the car is new, you will not have to worry to take it at due to break down. Car safety features play a significant part in protecting the driver and the passengers on board.

Every day on our roads, millions of us make hundreds of observations, judgment, and decisions as we go about our daily tasks. Safety is an important aspect every car buyer need to observe when choosing a car model. However, with so many technologies to choose from, it becomes a bit challenging and confusing to determine which car works best for you. To help you make a better decision, let us look at some of the safety features that modern cars come with.

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Predicted Car Technologies Happening by 2020

Super Car We are continually perplexed with predictions for the future. The idea of self-driving cars is no longer as futuristic as it used to be. Big auto companies such as BMW, Mercedes, and Tesla have all released their versions of self-driving cars. Technology c companies are also not left behind in coming up with technologies touching on cars.

The world is changing rapidly due to advancements in technology and the increasing demand to make life easy. Car technologies are evolving at a rapid rate with the world becoming more and more futuristic. Every year, we get a chance to witness new autonomous cars and other concepts that are quite jaw-dropping. Every year, we get exposed to a new technology that raises our expectations for the foreseeable future.

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All You Need to Know About Self-Driving Cars

self driving carSelf-driving cars get a lot of fame and buzz these days. You probably already know about self-driving cars and why many people are talking about them. Also known as autonomous vehicles, these cars work on a combination of three key technologies. It is predicted that by 2025, most of the today’s drivers will most likely not want to own a car. However, they will be able to locate a self-driving car and use it for their errands. To understand the buzz around autonomous vehicles, let us look at how the whole process works.

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