Hangzhou AoNeng Power Supply won the High-power DC Charging Station CE Safety Certification through DEKRA


On March 25, 2019, DEKRA awarded CB and CE certification for 60KW/45KW/30KW high-power DC charging station series to Hangzhou AoNeng Power Supply Equipment Co., Ltd. In the picture,

Mr. Chen Hong, General Manager from AoNeng and staff from DEKRA Automobile Related Certification, Electric Vehicles and C.A.T Parts in East Asia and South Asia, Ms. Sun Xiujuan, Executive Vice President, Mr. Ping Hua, Deputy General Manager of R&D, Dr. Lin Yimo, General Manager of Product Testing, Ms. Liu Weihai, the manager, and other representatives attended the ceremony.

Mr. Lin Yimo said: “I congratulate on Hangzhou AoNeng High-power Charging Station products successfully passing the CB and CE certification of DC charging station in accordance with IEC 61851 standard. The development of electric vehicles not only benefits from the development of automotive technology, but also the joint efforts and promotion of the upstream and downstream manufacturers in the entire automotive production field. As one of the three major development trends of the automobile in the future, its safety and reliability involves all aspects, and it runs through the entire industrial chain from the research & development, manufacturing, and aftermarket of electric vehicles to the charging infrastructure.

DEKRA will focus on the fast-growing automotive sector and provide high-safety solutions for future automotive electrification, automation and interconnection, with a commitment to ensuring the safety of the car! ”

On behalf of Hangzhou Aoneng, Mr. Chen Hong expressed warm welcome to the guests of DEKRA. He said: “Hangzhou AoNeng Power has always adhered to the customer-centered philosophy, the attitude of excellence, the pursuit of continuous innovation, and every step of the way.  In the technical innovation, quality improvement, rapid response and other aspects of work, AoNeng is going to provide customers with quality products and first-class service. 

Hangzhou Ao Neng and DEKRA have been maintaining a very good relationship from the start of cooperation. Thanks to DEKRA for its full support of this project, therefore we were able quickly to complete the safety and EMC related tests while ensuring the quality of the project.  We finally successfully obtained the certifications. In the future, Hangzhou AoNeng and DEKRA will have a broader prospect of cooperation. We hope that this award will be used as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship and create a better future for cooperation.